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How to Have Conversations With Difficult People

Difficult people cause us a lot of stress. We either avoid them or take them head on. Neither approach works. In the course, you will learn how to read people and then improve your communication with them.

Conversations for impact

Your relationship with someone is a series of conversations. In this course, you will gain understanding of how to maximise your impact when you communicate.

My passion priorities

Most people live without being aware of their passions. Goals you set that are not in alignment with your passions are short lived. This course will help you determine how to work out what your passion priorities are for the next 6-12 months.

How to live a more passionate life

Once you understand what your passion priorities are (see previous course), this course helps you understand how to live more fully. From here on, you can create a different way of saying no to certain things that are not in your passion priori rites.

Managing Your Career

Your career is your responsibility. You need to know your why and where you need to go. This course will help you identify your long term desires and how to realise them happen in your short to medium term.

How to Manage Up

To manage our jobs and businesses, we need to know how to manage up – your boss. People that are smart need to better understand how to market themselves.

Tough Love for Employees

This introductory course (coupled with book) will show you how to engage your staff and performance manage the conversations you need to have.

Watch Interviews

  • Her Passionate Life Interview with Mel Browne

    Mel Browne

    Shivani interviews Entrepreneur, accountant, financial advisor, author, speaker and shoe addict, Melissa Browne.

  • Her Passionate Life Interview with Kim Liddell

    Kim Liddell

    Shivani interviews Founder & Managing Director, Non Destructive Excavations Australia, Kim Liddell.

  • Her Passionate Life Interview with Lisa Sweeney

    Lisa Sweeney

    Shivani interviews Business In Heels owner, Lisa Sweeney.

  • Her Passionate Life Interview with Dale Beaumont

    Dale Beaumont

    Shivani interviews technology enthusiast, Dale Beaumont.
    Note: Due to technical issues during the interview, a transcription of the interview will be viewed instead.